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This story is both Ready Fire Aim from a new perspective, namely Steves, and, partially, a prequel, and there are new events and scenes that hadnt been mentioned before and give a better understanding of how Steve and Tonys relationship was born and developed. There are emotional moments, not necessarily for the MCs but for the spectator, that feel incredibly real and unsuperheroey and give Steve and Tony new depth and humanity.In short, we get inside Steves brain. We get to see the selfish part of him, repressed under an essential goodness that is so pure it doesnt even manage to irk me like goodness usually does. And who knows, some of that goodness might have been caused by pain a a perceived need for atonement, when what he needs is actually just a lot of hugs.We get to understand his feelings for Tony and their difficulat relationship, but also for America, his colleagues, the people hes loved and doesnt have anymore, and generally a much deeper and silent insight than what we got from Tony.Steve is much less frantic and in denial than Stark; letting the truth sink in and then thinking about it leaves him confused and a bit sad, but it also makes his narration calmer and slightly slower - in that good way you can probably imagine.Steve and Tonys relationship is wonderful to see. What we get to explore in this instalment is the process through which the cool distance between the two that remains even once they start sleeping together finally thaws in a way that Tonys panicked insecurity cant express properly; its will-he-take-me-or-not for Tony, while Steve thinks in terms of can-we-make-it-or-not and that allows him to have a more complete and rational view of the situation. And still theres all the emotion, the funny banter, and the sexiness of getting to know each others body.At the end: Christmas. So everything ends on a hopeful, satisfied, feel-good, lovely note.(I only managed to write this [disjointed, but Im tired] review ten days after I read the story, but this doesnt make this fic any less good. Kickass, I tell you.)

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