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The first historical romance in the Seven Brides series about the Randolph brothers—and the women who tame their hearts.WANTED: A WOMAN TO COOK, CLEAN, AND WASH FOR SEVEN MENTo penniless, friendless Rose Thornton, the advertisement seemed like an answer to her prayers, and the incredibly handsome man who hired her seemed like a dream come true. But when she first set eyes on her heros ramshackle ranch in the wilds of the Texas brush country, and met his utterly impossible brothers, Rose decided even Georges earth-shattering kisses werent compensation enough for the job ahead of her.Never in her life had she seen a place more in need of a womans touch, or men more in need of a civilizing influence. The Randolph brothers were a wild bunch—carving an empire out of the rugged land, fighting off rustlers and Mexican bandits—and they werent about to let any female change their ways...not until George laid down the law and then lost his heart to the beguiling spitfire whod turned all their lives upside down.

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