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Im confused. It was good, but Im confused.This isnt a direct sequel to xxxHolic. Its like... The Lost Adventures of xxxHolic. It takes place during xxxHolic, but theyre adventures we havent seen previously. Thats what is confusing me. I dont know where we are in the timeline. Granted, you dont really need to know, but it would kinda be nice.This volume also felt a lot slower than the original xxxHolic. There were only two tales in this volume, but they also didnt feel nearly so fleshed out as in the past series. Maybe its just me.This followed the adventures of Yuuko, Watanuki, and co., but there seems to be certain characters missing. The Black Mokona, for instance, is nowhere in site. Neither is Tanpopo, despite this seeming to take place after the point they should have appeared. It still has the frenemy vibe from Watanuki in relation to Yuuko and Domeki. It still has Himawari hanging around being totally oblivious to Watanukis crush. It does not have all of Yuukos bizarre pop culture references (which I always liked), so that was a tad disappointing.Part of me believes its a case of rose-colored glasses (and the fact I was always longing for the next volume of xxxHolic that never came). Ill keep reading because it really was good and I really did enjoy it. I just hope it can shine like the original.

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