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Battle-hardened and bearing scars from the combat he’s seen, Dyson has been discharged from the Marines under less-than-ideal circumstances. He’s moved back home and is focused on training for an MMA fight he hopes will kick start his career. He’s disciplined, focused, and has no time or energy for a meaningful relationship. When Dyson meets twenty-year-old Kayla in his neighborhood bar, he thinks she would be a gorgeous addition to the string of women with whom he has enjoyed one-night stands. The tall, dark and sexy blue-eyed Dyson is determined to have her. Immune to his charms, Kayla wants nothing to do with him. She’s far too busy trying to recover from the pain of her childhood to let a cocky man like Dyson trample on her heart. She knows she’s damaged and is working hard to build a life for herself, free of her terrible memories. But fate seems to have other plans… Will Dyson and Kayla be able to heal the hurts in their past and move forward in spite of their scars? Will they recognize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and be brave enough to take a chance on love?

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