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Not only I had read some of Yusuke Kishi’s previous books (the dark ones, around the evil that we all may have inside, the horror stories that first gave him fame), but I had also watched the TV show that was on Japanese TV in 2012 that was based on the characters from this book and its continuations (the last two episodes of that TV show were based on the story from this book). So, I was biased for good and for bad (because I really enjoyed the TV show and I have also liked Yusuke Kishi’s books so far).The problem with high expectations is… well, that they are high. And “ 硝子のハンマー” cannot overcome that problem, even if at some moments it comes close. It ends up being a funny mystery novel, but too long, overwrought and, in some passages, a little bit boring.The president of a company is killed, but no one knows how. The body was on the floor, dead, but there was no weapon. There are two doors to the room, but the one that gives to the corridor is right next to the secretaries’ room (on top of there being a security camera). Of course, the police decides that the killer must have entered through the other door. But there the managing director was taking a nap and no one else seems to have entered the room (the managing director’s room also connects to the corridor, so, if someone had entered through it, the camera and the secretaries would have seen that person). On top of that, the place was heavily protected. An unknown person would have been easily discovered. The managing direct is detained, but there are lots of doubts around the case. His lawyer, Junko Aoto, decides to ask for help to security expert Kei Enomoto. Cue the couple trying to find the truth.The story is your typical mystery novel, and Kishi’s strengths show from the very beginning, with a very moody atmosphere, neat and engaging writing style and a high pace at the start of the story. The characters and the plot are neatly introduced, and the first part is a page-turner. However, around the middle of the first part, the story hits a wall, and the pace starts to crawl slower and slower, till it starts to drag. Kishi has two problems with his novels: first, his unnecessary need to explain everything to the minutest detail, which makes some situations be explained from three or four different points of view, with lots of talk, description, and repetition. The second, his ‘the-character-searches-on-the-Internet’ moment that may stretch for around 20 pages, and that, having read some of his novels before, is not original anymore. The novel clocks to almost 600 pages (excluding an interview to the author after the end), and some cutting may have helped it. Luckily for the reader, the last part improves, and the resolution, even if not surprising, is presented in Kishi’s traditional ambiguous style: why are we violent, what makes us human use evil means for our ends… He always uses more or less the same ideas, but they are interesting and are presented in an original manner. This ending helps the novel rise again, but it is not one of his best.6/10(Original Japanese version)

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